For 35 years, we’ve asked our readers to help with the Best of Denver – and we’re not about to stop now, even though so many of you keep pushing McDonald’s for Best French Fries. For our 35th-anniversary edition, we’re looking for your input on dozens of the categories that will appear in the issue that hits the streets and the web on March 28, 2019. All voting will be online at, with a deadline of 9 a.m. March 20; keep reading for the official poll categories. (Note: “New” in any title means after March 2018. All categories are local unless otherwise indicated.)

Every nomination is automatically saved, but may be changed up until the close of the nomination process, at which time all saved nominations are submitted for counting.

Bring out your best for our 35th-anniversary edition of the Best of Denver, our annual celebration of everything we love about the Mile High City. Over the years, we've honored thousands of people, places and things around town, and on March 28 we'll honor hundreds more. But first, we need your help: We'll include readers' choices on more than 160 categories in the final issue.
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