For almost forty years, we’ve asked our readers to help with the annual Best of Denver — and we’re not about to stop now. We’re looking for your thoughts on more than a hundred categories for which we’ll be listing both editorial and readers’ choice winners in the Best of Denver 2020. These are just a fraction of the categories that will appear in the issue; we also welcome your ideas for other worthy awards. (Note: “New” in any title means “new after March 2019”; in all categories, we’re looking for local winners.)

Every nomination is automatically saved, but may be changed up until the close of the nomination process, at which time all saved nominations are submitted for counting.


If you would like to suggest an award category (and a winner for it), simply log in — as you must do to vote — and click on the "Award We Forgot?" link, which will appear in place of this text after you've logged in.

Every day, Westword covers the good, the bad and the sometimes very ugly side of life in Denver. But once a year, we commit to an unabashed celebration of the city, honoring the people, places and things that make Denver the very best city in the country, and sharing them with our readers. Watch for the Best of Denver 2020 on Thursday, March 26.

But first, vote in our Best of Denver 2020 readers' poll. (Please note: This database is offered by a vendor separate from; you'll need to sign up if you didn't vote in the Best of Denver 2019.)

Deadline to vote: 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, March 18.

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